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FRESH: ‘Broken’ – Amy Walklett

Amy Walklett is “Broken”

Amy Walklett is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter and pop artist based in the South West. Amy released her second independent single, “Why Do You?”, and now she’s releasing her brand new song “Broken”. “Broken” was co-written and recorded at River Studios in Southampton with producer Luke Targett (Madman-Music). The track is being supported by her debut line of merchandise including t-shirts and Tote Bags.

Amy collaborated with Leeds based illustrator and print designer Lorna Robey to create the visuals for this release. The single also has a b-side (“Broken” Orchestral Acoustic) which is set to be released towards the end of the year. “Broken” is a powerful, vibrant pop tune. The first line Amy wrote was ‘How could you do this, when all I wanted was you?’ which she instantly knew she wanted to be the leading hook line for the track.

The song’s story was then crafted around this one line, with the song representing that feeling of being in love with someone who can’t commit to you by choosing between you and someone else, making you question both how they could treat you like that, and how you allowed it to happen.

Amy wanted the lyrics to be vulnerable and relatable but the track to be energetic and full of life as she thinks most listeners will have been in a similar situation, and sometimes all you need is an emotional breakup anthem! Vibrant, honest and fresh, Amy Walklett effortlessly mixes authentic lyrics with a contagious feel-good energy. Providing a pop-infused insight into her teenage years and early 20s, her infectious dance tracks are colourful and energetic with relatable, underlying emotion.

With soul, disco and R&B influences, Amy is bringing a fresh wave of sounds into the pop world, drawing inspiration from artists such as Nina Nesbitt, Ella Henderson and Becky Hill. Since the release of her debut single, “Why Do You?” and joining Bath Spa University to study Commercial Music, both in 2018, Amy has begun to establish a broad fan base for her music. Two years on from her debut release, in June 2020, Amy shared her second track, Why Do You? Acoustic, which has been quick to gain popularity, being played across BBC Introducing South West and selected as BBC Bristol’s BBC Upload Track of the week. Amy is hoping that the release of Broken will further establish her name in the industry and lead the way for more new music ready for expected 2021 release dates.

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