FRESH: ‘Dreamer’ – Dancer

Dancer release “Dreamer”

Australian alt-pop 4-piece Dancer are poised to announce their debut release with the arrival of “Dreamer”, a breezy, hypnotic, inspired alt-pop jam brimming with confidence, with cheeky nods to fellow luminaries Tame Impala and SG Lewis. Dancer say: “Don’t be fooled by the innocent looking title, conceptually while the idea of ‘Dreamer’ has drifted into normality it is something that is wrestled with by every individual. This song explores the heart of the personal and individual view of our dreams and how our belief and misunderstanding in them is what makes us human”.

At two and a half minutes in total this track does not lack punch and gets to the heart of its concept fast. With huge choruses and melodic rises Dreamer lifts you high above the noise. As it made the band’s friend Dave feel ‘…like riding down a giant hill without a helmet’.

Chris (CQ), Ben, Bryce and Josh met in their younger years, in the industrial beach town of Newcastle, Australia, with their musical paths crossing at various points. A mixture of broken ambition and learning their craft would all be reasons for their band never quite forming. It would be a common occurrence to see a few of the guys musing over a beer, deep in the ‘it’s not ready’ moment and the feeling of wanting something more. The guys spent their early adult years writing, recording and experimenting with songs, gradually navigating into uncharted waters. Using all their savings, they stole minutes in recording studios and organised writing trips in houses up and down the coast.

Their passion for the work was always the glue that kept them working. The songs started to pour out, demo upon demo of uplifting but melancholy musical moments began filling up their hard drives. If you knew any of them and asked the right questions, you would have been able to hear one of the tracks and then you’d subsequently pester them about its release date. In late 2019, they released their first song “Fever” under the name Drinking In Iceland, and while the song found them a publishing deal and recognition across global markets, they realised the project needed to take a different shape.

2020 hits. Amidst the chaos and the shut down of the music industry the guys decide to reform under the name Dancer, a nod to the continual exploration of freedom and joy found in pursuing music and in the decision to keep creating, a theme that runs deep throughout their work. The music of Dancer is addictive, with contagious melodies and powerful lyrics. It’ll make you feel reckless, joyous and inspired to create. Although there have been attempts in the past, now is the time to open up Dancer to the world.

“Dreamer” is the first insight into the realm of Dancer.

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