FRESH: ‘Empty Room’ – Bloom

Bloom debuts with “Empty Room”

My name is Bloom and like my name I blossom like a flower in my singing/songwriting. I decided to make music and start singing because I don’t see a lot of representation of people who are like me, a transgender South Asian girl and I think being Bloom is giving me the push I need for people to see I can be relatable.

I recorded the song with my sound engineer guy in my local area and the track production was done by an a amazing producer called Rich Mello. Everyone in life has hit a point where when they start doing something for good themselves and the people who say that are always going to be support them and back them suddenly disappear, “Empty Room” is that sympolic way of saying your shocked that no one is supporting you, but your still dancing on your own because its your own opinion that matters.

I want people to feel like they can relate to my music and especially to my song “Empty Room”. I honeslty hope to have a huge concert next year! I was the youngest contestant on Miss Transgender UK and I actually preformed a cover song to Nicki Miniaj “Moment For Life”. I am inspired by major artists like Selena Gomez, 2NE1 and Katy Perry.

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