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FRESH: ‘From The Outset (Your Own Way)’ – Sentient Robot

Sentient Robot start “From The Outset (Your Own Way)”

Sentient Robot are a five piece band from Manchester and the surrounding areas who have spent much of their time in the studio since forming in 2018. The includes song writers Nat O’Brien (lead singer – Marlowe/The Logicals) and Steve Marsden (Guitarist and Producer – No Hope in New Jersey/Josephine) who are joined live and on this recording by drummer Pete Marshall (Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott/Liam Frost and the Slowdown Family), Sam Morris on bass (Alfie/Bleep Seals/Marillion) and for live gigs by Andrew Stewardson on keys (The Mock Turtles).

Today, they release their brand new song, “From The Outset (Your Own Way)”, their second release of 2020 and the follow up to “Afterglow”. The band have taken tome out to talk to us here at about the song and how it came about: “This track is definitely Indie Synth pop and the band to and fro between 80’s inspired and updated synth sounds to alt Indie Rockdrawing on influences such as David Bowie, Talking Heads, LCD Sound System, Teleman, Neon Neon, REM, Yacht and War onDrugs”.

The video to the single was created during lockdown by the talented young animator Darren Momenpour. Nat (lead singer/lyricist) picked Darren because he liked the textures of his work, it felt like a Wes Anderson movie…he gave Darren some reference points as to what the song was about but then told Darren to go your own way…in the spirit of the song itself!

Sentient Robot add: “The lyrics were inspired by O’Brien’s experiences as a teen parent, rebelling against pressure to be something he could not be dogma and expectation. Generally knowing that he needed to carve his own path and own his decisions. The single has been recorded in various locations, pick up stripped down and turned around. It’s a different approach for the mostof the band. They have spent time de-constructing sounds, programming and then re-introducing authentic sounds like saxophone, glockenspiel which all adds to the texture of this Sentient Robot track. A variety of band members home studios including Pete’s Bongo Dungeons with final mixing and mastering at 80Herz Studios in Manchester. The song was produced by Steve Marsden and Sentient Robot. The music was written by Marsden and O’Brien, lyrics by O’Brien with additional writing by Marshall. Josh Poole guests on Sax and the kids choir features Marshall, O’Brien and Morris’kids (Tom, Sylvia, Phoebe, Molly, Martha, Franny).”

In the current line up, Sentient Robot spent most of their time in the studio and then slip out to play a debut show at the Night and Day (Manchester) with Chris Wise and the Hidden Revolution. They slipped back into their cellars just before lockdown ruined plans to do more significant live shows. In other acts band members have a wealth of experience including the Albert Hall, Glasontonbury etc (Paul Heaton, Marillion). But Sentient Robot is yet to get really going with that. We hope with “From The Outset (Your Own Way)”, that will all change…!

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