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FRESH: ‘Excuses’ – New Arcades

New Arcades take no “Excuses”

Those totally fab boys, New Arcades, are back with a stonking new slice of retro-pop with their new single, “Excuses”, out today! Anyone that’s a fan of the 80’s retro synth wave (which we are here at will already be aware of them from when we helped promote their single “When You Need Me” last year. They have been busy with four releases since then, building quite a collection of awesome retro anthems since they debuted back in 2014.

New Arcades are a London based, electronic music duo consisting of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan. With a combination of vintage synths, contemporary production and melodic vocals, they create a nostalgic, 80’s inspired sound. After putting out various singles and EPs, the end of 2019 saw the release of their debut album, “Returning Home”. They are currently releasing music through AWAL. Their music has also appeared on films such as ‘Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong’ and ‘Alight Beneath Their Feet’ and more recently they contributed an exclusive track for the mobile game ‘RetroDrive’!

During this time they have also played various shows throughout the UK as well as a live studio session for BBC Radio. They are currently busy writing their next album with more live shows currently booked for 2021. 2020 has seen new songs “Yours”, “Together Again” and now “Excuses”, which makes album number two all the more exciting to wait for! We will keep you posted! New Arcades have collaborated with some great artists in different ways, including NINA, Dana Jean Phoenix, Futurecop! and Timecop1983.

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