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FRESH: ‘Ask You One Thing’ – Natalie Grace

Natalie Grace wants to “Ask You One Thing”

22 year old London based singer Natalie Grace has just released her debut single, “Ask You One Thing”, an honest approach, from her point of view, over the discovery of her former partner’s lover and the subsequent turmoil surrounding the breakup of the relationship. Hitting stuff, but that’s how Natalie is going to do this, with heart and not holding back on how she feels or fears in love and life.

Natalie has said recently about the song: “‘Ask You One Thing’ is about my feelings towards a time in my life when I found out that my ex partner was seeing someone whom I felt threatened by during our relationship. It explores the fact that he could have chosen anyone to be with after me, but ended up with the one person who I felt was a threat to our relationship, and takes you through everything that I felt during this time”.

Produced by Nick Tudor, “Ask You One Thing” approaches every question from the point of a phone call, opening with a dial tone and closing with the hang up beeps. The song itself opens with a brooding beat as Natalie lays it bare, asking time and time again, “I wanna ask you one thing, if everything you told me was a lie?”. “Ask You One Thing” was put together through a mixture of home recorded vocals, and remote collaboration with Nick and a mastering engineer. Natalie is currently at the BIMM Institute London, studying a music performance degree.

For more about Natalie, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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