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FRESH: ‘Why?’ – Isaac Snow

Isaac Snow asks “Why?”

Having lived and worked with refugee and migrant populations in Israel, Isaac Snow wants to hold a mirror up to society and draw attention to the xenophobia that refugees experience in the UK. Battling internal conflict, he writes music as a form of self-medication and to shine a light on important issues. Isaac began teaching himself the guitar aged 15 but soon grew bored of playing other peoples’ songs.

He started creating his own music as a way to escape reality and express himself when feeling down or anxious. Writing from a place of meaning, his lyrics reflect internal thoughts on himself and the world around him, as a coping mechanism for life. With this authenticity he seeks to connect with others who identify their own experiences within his songs and find comfort there.

The London singer-songwriter draws influence from the likes of Bon Iver, Antony and the Johnsons and Frank Ocean. Isaac has worked with his producer Ali BlaBla since 2017, developing a Future Folk sound which brings intrigue to his raw acoustic songwriting for something more modern and edgy. His first two singles of 2020 drew on his relationship with himself. The first, “And The Rain Comes”, tackled his personal battle with mental health, depression and anxiety, while “RunAway” exposed his experience of loneliness and struggling to belong.

With his new release, “Why?, Isaac confronts the growing xenophobia and racism in British society, especially the hostility towards migrants and those seeking asylum. “Why?” reflects on the way in which a social and political narrative, which dehumanises people coming to the UK for asylum, feeds into everyday public violence with very dangerous consequences.“I was inspired to write the song after Nigel Farage’s horrific UKIP anti-migrant billboard campaign was released across the UK in 2016: the campaign depicted people seeking asylumin the UK with a strapline of ‘Breaking Point’.

The effects of that campaign have never really gone away. Working with his producer, Isaac transformed “Why?” from an intimate acoustic track into something more aggressive andc onfrontational. They found a dark and brooding sound by layering the vocals as well as adding a drumbeat and gentle synth elements, whilst at the same time holding on to the raw and fragile origins of the song.Drawing from his first hand experience with Human Rights work abroad and having witnessed an increasing anti-migrant rhetoric in the UK, Isaac questions how these attitudes can still exist and pleads that we confront them before the situation gets worse.

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