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FRESH: ‘Prom King’ – David J

David J is the “Prom King”

Based in Los Angeles and New York, the 18-year-old Producer, Musician, and Singer/Songwriter David J is here to captivate with his music’s natural warmth. Graduating high school in northern California, he’s recently ventured out east to attend the University of Rochester. Submerged in the depths of music since before he can remember, David J’s passion for music became extremely evident while playing Mariah Carey’s “Without You” for the first time.

In awe of her performance, vocals, songwriting capabilities, and productional visions, David J went full throttle towards his personal music creation. With a debut release across Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and all other streaming platforms, “A Little Too Much” brings a mid-tempo R&B tune drenched in melodic vocals and an intriguingly sultry tone. More recently, David J has gratefully worked with Shawn Mendes’ bassist Dave Haskett for his latest single, “Prom King”.

“Dave is extremely talented, and I feel so blessed to have his talent on this track​” David tells us. Continuously preaching to appreciate the beauty of imperfection, David J’s music will not only remind listeners to welcome their authenticity with open arms but to embrace every inch of their being and step forward into the unknown with strength and curiosity. David may only have two songs to his name, but be sure there will more to come and we look forward to that!

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