Asha Gold

FRESH: ‘Debut’ – Asha Gold

Asha Gold is back with a “Debut”!

With two trending singles, “Passenger” and “Too Good” under her belt already, the rising UK artist Asha Gold uses her third track, “Debut”, to reinstate her entrance into the music industry, tapping once again into those irresistible RnB melodies and dance-along rhythms. Written during the quarantine on Zoom with producer Mitch Jones, ‘Debut’ became the antidote for lockdown woes thanks to that energetic percussion and dancing piano line.

“It’s about falling in love for the first time, so it has this sense of innocence and sweetness throughout, navigating unfamiliar feelings, fighting those feelings off, and then eventually giving into them knowing they are genuine and not something to be scared of” Asha tells us. “Debut” is also set to be the opening track for Asha Gold’s first EP, as the burgeoning star shares, “This track kicks off the EP, and I love how the intro is reminiscent of the orchestra tuning before we began to play”.

Asha Gold cites her most aspirational inspirations as Beyoncé, Rosalia and Billie Eilish, for the world that they create around their music; their performances, writing, vocals, creative control etc. Especially Beyoncé, and that’s partly because of everything she stands for in the way of feminism and race relations, which Asha holds incredibly dear to her heart and to the music that she continues to make.

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