Karethe eriksen

FRESH: ‘Common Space’ – Karethe Eriksen

Karethe Eriksen has “Common Space”

Karethe Eriksen is a singer-songwriter and musician from Drammen, Norway. Today, she releases her debut single, “Common Space”, a song about the everlonging of community amongst us all, a common space where we can talk freely without the fear of getting a cold shoulder. Karethe herself plays guitar and that only adds to the personal emotion of this song.

Karethe started playing guitar at the age of 18 and took it to the stage a year later, whereas these stage-appearances continued rapidly over the following years. She has had several guest-appearances/supporting acts and featured earlier this year on Malin Røise’s single, “Heavier”. Now with “Common Space”, Karethe goes it alone and who knows what will happen next…

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