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REVIEW: Kylie’s ‘Magical’ Disco Fantasia Rules!

Do YOU believe in “Magic”?

Believe in Kylie’s incredible new single!

Kylie never ceases to amaze and the latest sample of her upcoming fifteenth studio album, “Disco“, is the most striking yet. Two months on from lead tease, “Say Something“, Kylie rewinds the clock and takes us back to the glory days of multi-coloured dance floors and giant disco balls with her stunning new track, “Magic”. “Magic” is pure disco heaven with more than a nod to that decade both musically and lyrically. It’s smooth, cool and classy and in may ways, feels like a “Step Back In Time” part two, ironically, thirty years on from that song’s release.

“Can you feel it? My heart beating?”

But “Magic” is also sophisticated and not just a throw away disco tune, this also has many reverberations of George Michael’s “Fastlove” in pace and slickness. Already “Magic” is ranking high on my list of the best ever songs recorded by Kylie and if this is what we can expect of a whole album, then bring it on! “Magic” is co-written with Finnish singer Teemu Brunila and Cutfather Daniel Davidsen, who has already provided two highly distinctive Kylie tunes from the past, “Get Outta My Way” in 2010 and the should-of-been-released “Million Miles” from 2014.

The video was shot by now regular director-friend Sophie Muller at Fabric nightclub in London and features Kylie in full goddess flight, decked from head to toe in a gold outfit, reminiscent of a golden eagle, while she later drops everything for a hooded blue catsuit and a floating green evening dress. As Kylie bangs her microphone on the dancefloor, multi coloured waves shoot towards you as the glitterball in the background sparkles and shines on all those present. The video has mild memories of “Spinning Around” twenty years earlier, also filmed in a nightclub and in disco style, although here, the gold hotpants have been exchanged for gold chainmail.

“I can feel it, I can feel it”

“Magic” is simply outstanding, addictive and a must see/hear. It references a number of disco classics as well as paying homage to any number of disco anthems – see which ones you can spot! This is Kylie at her very best and should satisfy all tastes and, I am sure, will play well on radio. Hopefully Kylie will be able to get some promotion in on this one too and take us up to that all important date of November 6th, when we can revel in “Disco” heaven in its entirety. Oh, and from my point of view, the album version of “Magic” is far superior to the single edit! At over four minutes in length and with two more verses, it rules! DiscoKylie starts here!

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