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FRESH: ‘Back For You’ – Way To You

Way To You debut with “Back For You”

Luca Trezza and Fabian Bernklau are Way To You and today they release their debut single, “Back For You”, with UK singer Isaac Warburton. The song was produced by us in Nabburg, Germany, with vocals from Isaac based in Peterborough, UK. It was mixed and mastered in Regensburg, Germany at Oakfield Mastering. Luca and Fabian have known each other since 2010-11 from school in Nabburg, Germany, but started Way To You in 2017 because they both had an interest in producing music.

“Back For You” is a song about being separated from the person that you care about and some of the insecurities that can arise from that. You know that you’ll do everything you can to make it back to them someday, and you want them to know that too. The pair tell us “This was the first time we worked so closely on a song with a singer/songwriter. It made the song much more personal, and it was a blast to connect with another musician”. And judging by this first effort, Way To You have a way to go yet!

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