FRESH: ‘Driving With Tears In My Eyes’ – TriPed

TriPed is “Driving With Tears In My Eyes”

TriPed is a 23 year old solo pop artist from London. he started creating and performing music shortly after moving to the city at the age of 18, formerly under the pseudonym “JustTizze” up to the beginning of this year; he has so far released three singles and one EP. His new song, “Driving With Tears In My Eyes”, describes the experience of going on a long drive in order to get away from it all.

It was written and produced by TriPed (real name Tiziano Parducci) himself, like all of his songs, and it features personal and introspective lyrics. His influences are old school R&B, House, Pop, and Dance music, and much of his music borrows elements from all these genres; he has been compared to George Michael and describes himself as “Too vanilla for the arty kids, too eccentric for everyone else!”.

After moving to London shortly after his 18th birthday, TriPed started pursuing his dreams, creating and performing music around the city. He released his first single “Your Dance” in February 2019, marking the beginning of his career as a recording artist. He has since consistently put out music of various genres and styles, such as the frenetic Bounce-Pop track “Work Now”, or one of his most recent releases, a catchy R&B/Dance Pop hybrid called “Where Are You?”.

“Driving With Tears In My Eyes” is a beautiful synth-driven yet haunting number sung with pure emotion and grit…and who wouldn’t be “Driving With Tears In My Eyes” down the M25?! Is this the first time the motorway has made it into song?? The song has an mid-80’s chill to it with TriPed’s varied vocal range layered over the top. This is without doubt, his most emotive creation yet and a gateway to the rest of his tunes for all those who have yet to discover TriPed.

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