FRESH: ‘Brand New Day’ – AREEN

AREEN welcomes a “Brand New Day”

Producer Areen begins a brand new day with with new track…”Brand New Day”! Areen is a one man army who does all aspects of his music production by himself expect the vocals. He is also is fortunate to have a group of skilled and talented vocalists from around the world to collaborate with him and bring his vision to life. His latest single, “Brand New Day”, was recorded in Washington D.C. and the vocals in Nashville.

The collaboration was all done remotely and the final result was mastered in Spain. So this is a truly global song. “Brand New Day” is one of 25 new songs Areen has in the bank to release over the coming months. The song is meant to be an anthem to unify humanity and society in general. Areen says: “We are all one and division, no matter how big orsmall, is the energy that will stop us from being in peace and harmony. So the song was intended to bring an uplifting, hopefuland powerful message and vibe to everything around the world”.

“Brand New Day” and the lyrics were written in the midst of the global pandemic, riots and quarantine. From an unusual circumstance, we find what is most important to us. Areen brings the message in a clear and powerful way to remind everything that at the end of the dark times there is always a “Brand New Day” waiting to be discovered. Areen’s music has been such an uplifting power in his life, especially when he was going thru some difficult personal challenges and discovering and expecting his true self in the society where they would like at sexuality in a one dimensional format.

“Brand New Day” opens with some laid back guitar chords while the chorus will lift and encourage everyone to “want a brand new day”. After the first chorus, the tune slips in to some banging vibes and bass, perfect for a night out of just cruising along, hoping and thinking of a better world and better times ahead. Areen questions “are we strong enough?” The answer is up to you, me, all of us. but take it from “Brand New Day”, we ain’t done yet and with tunes like this to savour and enjoy, I certainly ain’t done yet. See you on the other side…

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