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FRESH: ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ – Pretty Ugly Boy

Pretty Ugly Boy releases the album, “Quarter Life Crisis”

LA singer and producer Pretty Ugly Boy has just released his second long player, “Quarter Life Crisis”, riding high on the success of his latest single, “High Brow”, Pretty Ugly Boy’s latest release comes on the day of his 21st birthday. The album is a concept record that deals with the feelings of leaving your youth and entering adulthood. Sonically, “Quarter-Life Crisis” sees Pretty Ugly Boy refine his synth pop sound that he has become known for while also exploring new genres such as house and pop.

“Quarter Life Crisis” runs to nine tracks and opens with the Erasure-like “How I Get” and continues with the 80’s arcade sounding “When We Settle”. “Time Waster” contines with Erasure theme with a wash of synths across the chorus and middle-eight while “Headspace” takes the tone down somewhat, sounding very Cure-like c.1989. “What If My Dreams Don’t Come True?” could of been written in 1981 and recorded by the Human League. Pretty Ugly Boy seems to be very intune with the emergence of synth pop in the early 80’s, so this is a track for those of us that can remember music of that period.

The aforementioned “High Brow” keeps the 80’s dream alive with shadee of Yazoo. Every song on this album is simple yet effective and carefully crafted around Pretty Ugly Boy’s vocal range. “And Now I Know” is a striking number that caught my attention from the word go. This is a standout track on the album as is “Gentle Conquer”, an acoustic which develops into a sweeping band number, although it’s soon over as all too soon, we enter “The Hunter”, the final track which harks in the Ultravox camp. Dark and brooding, the penetrates as it keeps to a single key for the whole length.

Pretty Ugly Boy is the creative vessel for 20 year old Kaleb Zamudio from the suburbs of Los Angeles who has been recording music since 2013 and began releasing music under the name Pretty Ugly Boy in 2018. Since then, he has released one previous album, six singles and six videos. In addition to recording his own music, Pretty Ugly Boy also creates all of his visuals and to accompany “Quarter-life Crisis”, he has made a zine full of his lyrics and artwork which can be purchased on his big cartel site.

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