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FRESH: ‘Get Out’ – Oli Barton & The Movement

Oli Barton & The Movement want you to “Get Out”!

South London born Oli Barton and his band The Movement have released their new single, “Get Out”, today, their first release of 2020 and something of a comeback, having been out of the limelight since 2018’s “How Would I Know?”. “Get Out” is a perfect slice of indie-pop with Blur-esque vocals and a distinctive Britpop sound with eeire guitars and an infectious chorus to put you right in your place!

Oli, who is a MENSA certified genius(!), worked his way from bars to clubs and everywhere in between, managing to harness a musical talent that was never taught but instead self-cultivated. Many hours locked alone inside rooms solely including a piano and a notepad allowed Oli to experiment and become a true artist (and misfit). Achieving a sense of humour and lyrical finesse that would miraculously not only appeal to himself but also to audiences.

Oli and The Movement (Ryan Wilson – Lead Guitar, Jamal Lagoon – Rhythm Guitar, Marco ‘Fuzz’ Paone – Bass and Josh Needham – Drums) first burst onto the ‘scene in 2016 with their debut offering, “Photograph” and had a busy 2017 and 18 with five further releases. Now fully refreshed, the boys are ready to take on 2020 and beyond with their next recordings, lead by the cheeky “Get Out” that is sorely needed to brighten up the dark days of this year and potentially a few more yet to come.

For more about Oli and The Movement, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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