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FRESH: ‘Pretty In Pink’ – Twilight Driving

Twilight Driving admire “Pretty In Pink”

Brighton based band Twilight Driving release their electrifying new single “Pretty In Pink” today, which was written and recorded at their own homes during lockdown and on various Zoom Sessions, with production assistance from Chris Hutchison AKA Aidan Black. The band are all drawn to big songs from big artists, which inevitably start to wear off when they themselves get writing. Twilight Driving say they don’t consciously write big choruses, but they just fit their vocal style and they really them stick.

Twilight Driving are George Gleeson – Lead Vox/Guitar, Will Mavin – Lead Vox/Keys/Guitar, Aidan Chadwick – Backing Vox/Bass and Danny Lawrence-Backing Vox/Drums and all met in Brighton through playing in various different bands and university. They called themselves Twilight Driving, which they feel captures the band’s unique and tranquil feeling of driving at night, and this is something they have tried to emulate through the writing processes. As the band tell us straight “We love creating great road trip songs!”. “Pretty In Pink” is just that, a superb electro-band sound coming out of it’s heart that inspires and draws you near.

Twilight Driving are inspired by “Born In The USA” by Springsteen as well as Gary Numan and Depeche Mode and more modern bands like The War On Drugs. The band tell us “We suppose this subconsciously pushed us towards the sound weare creating for ourselves. We must admit though we have a lot of 80’s guilty pleasures on our playlists”. TD made their debut in 2017 with “Soft And Pink” (there’s a ‘pink’ theme running here me thinks!), while 2020 has been a very productive year with four tracks already released, “Break Your Heart”, “Resuscitate”, “Link Up” and “Perfect Symmetry”. The band have seen support nationally from the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, Spotify editorial playlist ‘Alternative Generation’, as well notable local press BN1 Magazine and Hidden Herd.

For more about Twilight Driving, check out their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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