Mia Grace

FRESH: ‘Stuck’ – Mia Grace

Mia Grace debuts with “Stuck”

New Jersey born singer Mia Grace is landing her debut single today, “Stuck”, a beautiful, dreamy pop number that just shimmers effervescently, so much so you just can’t get enough. Trust me! The song is a fusion of pop and R&B with such a simplicity that this WILL get “Stuck” in your head, round and round, too many times. Mia’s vocals are slight but ever so omnipresent as she glides through and into every possible corner of this late-Summer groove that will both hypnotise and awaken your senses to this oh so budding new addition to the music scene.

Mia is no stranger to music. Her father is none other than Prince Be of PM Dawn (remember them from 1991 with “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”?!) and her mother Mary, who is an industry professional herself. Mia is a competent musician herself, which is inspired by the likes of Rihanna, Aaliyah, Minnie Riperton, and of course, her very own daddy! Mia, who is studying a bachelor’s degree with Berklee College of Music, says she wants to “create music that will connect people around the world” and with “Stuck” she makes a bold and striking entry into that arena. Watch out for more Mia to come…we will be!

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