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FRESH: ‘Snakechild’ – Local Nomad

Local Nomad is a “Snakechild”

Synth-pop artist Local Nomad releases his banging new tune, “Snakechild”, today – oh my God! Just as the man himself says, drinking jack and honey, he IS a “Snakechild”. The song comes hard on the heels of SIX other releases in 2020, including his self-titled EP, and continues the character development of his real-life friend that actually goes by the name ‘Snakechild’! Local Nomad is the moniker of Long Island, NJ based artist Michael Desmond and with this ripping tune, he cements an already ground breaking year that has seen him dominate and make a very sound entrance.

“Snakechild” feeds off of the energy from Local Nomad’s previous release, “Love Is Gone”. In his track “Gates”, Mike helps this same friend through the perils of Xanax addiction. “Snakechild” is essentially the a melding of all the blurry nights out on the town that lead to the rock bottom crippling depression in “Gates”. When it comes to the ‘the Elvis of New Jersey’, the highs are super high when you are dancing with Nick Minaj at the Playboy club or wearing cocktail party are to the movies with shrimp scampi in your pockets, but the lows are crippling dark depressions.

“Local Nomad is the resistance of sedentary life” Michael says. “It’s about seeking the strange and embracing the unknown. Wondering. Wandering. Young and Old. Everywhere and Nowhere. As cliche as it may sound – when I pick up a guitar and sing it’s the only me I feel at home”. “Snakechild” embodies all of Local Nomad’s thoughts and actions in one song, it’s autobiographical while at the same time taking an honest look at life around you and above all, escapism. “Snakechild” is the most striking release yet from Michael and one that will play well whether indoors or outdoors, taking a sip of your favourite brew or just chillaxing out horizontally, entirely!

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