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FRESH: ‘You Don’t Get To Call Me Baby’ – Sean Wyer

Sean Wyer debuts with “You Don’t Get To Call Me Baby”

British newcomer Sean Wyer has been writing and perfoming music for a few years now and has just released his debut single, “You Don’t Get To Call Me Baby”, inspired by Sean’s journey from a closeted teenager to a Queer pop artist and his own experiences of coming out and eventually becoming comfortable in his own skin. The song has a wicked beat and amazing synths that draw you in immediately as Sean affirms that you do not get to call him baby till he knows you’re the only one!

From his bedroom studio, Sean writes, records and produces his own tracks, which makes the production and sound of this first release all the more accomplished. For Sean, the honing of his writing skills is a constant passion and key to his artistic style is the development of a single core idea through lyrical, melodic, and visual mediums. In this way, Sean aims to make music that is rich with meaning and an immersive experience that fans can engage with on whichever level they wish.

Not only is Sean proficient at what he does, he also has experience as an artist, having toured with a number of bands and acts previously, most notably an appearance with the legendary Chaka Khan performing her classic hit “Ain’t Nobody” with the lady herself! Sean is already on his way to getting a name for himself and the release of “You Don’t Get To Call Me Baby” is his gateway to whatever happens next and a strong, poptastic introduction to Sean’s own creative abilities.

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