FRESH: ‘Wavelength’ – Smilee

Smilee debuts with “Wavelength”

2020 invites Smilee, a new and fresh upcoming pop sensation. Smilee’s first offering, “Wavelength”, is a track about communication, told through a beat that is filled with optimism and serotonin – the perfect single to wind down those summer nights with. As quoted by the singer songwriter herself, Smilee wants to “spread love and positivity through atmospheric soulful dance music”. Making her sound synonymous whilst uplifted.

“Some people are just your people. Wavelength is all about when this happens and stars align, it helps you to stay on the right path” she adds. Smilee has taken true inspiration from the ‘beauty found in freedom’. “I want my music to embody those rare moments when you feel absolutely resolved of responsibility. Far too often we are consumed with thinking ahead, or looking back. I realised music is the ultimate tool to bring people into the present moment. I am inspired by moments like these. I believe being present is what brings true happiness”.

Singer and songwriter Smilee began singing and dancing at a young age before gaining a place at the acclaimed BRIT School alongside artists such as Adele, Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash.

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