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FRESH: ‘Hungry Heart’ – Andreas Stone

Andreas Stone has a “Hungry Heart”

Swedish writer and performer Andreas Stone has enjoyed huge success since his debut single, “Save The Truth”, was released in 2017. He also co-wrote ”Too Late For Love” with John Lundvik, which won the 2019 Swedish Melodifestivalen and went on to represent the county at that year’s Eurovision Song Contest, coming fifth. Andreas has achieved number one’s in Sweden, Spain, Poland, Norway, Czech and Denmark and sold a staggering 26 million records to date.

His brand new single, “Hungry Heart”, has just been released, incredibly his TENTH of this year and the follow up to “Touch You”. “Hungry Heart” has an awesome electro-pop/dance beat that just builds and explodes by the time it reaches the chorus with enough energy and happiness to lift the spirits during these dark days. “Hungry Heart” is simply essential and a must listen, if only to rock out to and punch the sky with pride.

2020 has been quite a year for Andreas. In April he released “Live A Lie” together with RIVAL and EGZOD which has streamed over a million times already. In July ”If I Was Holding You” was nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in the Country category, while producer Christian Karlstrom remixed his collaboration with Duke, “Touch You”. Add to this, K-Pop sensations Oh My Girl’s single “Nontstop” streaming over 33 million times and it’s a wonder Andreas has found time to release so many of his own songs!

Andreas plays piano, guitar, bass and many other instruments. Born in 1981, he grew up in Arlöv, a small suburb to Malmö, Sweden. As a young child Andreas was determined to make music his life’s passion! He studied music in upper secondary school. He attended a gospel folk high school as a pianist, which ended with a three week long field study, playing throughout the afro American churches in Chicago, USA. Upon graduation, he attended the Malmö Musical University, with Pop/Rock as course focus, which after four and a half years landed him a bachelor’s degree.

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