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FRESH: ‘Oyster Love’ (EP) – Juno Frances

Juno Francis release their debut EP, “Oyster Love”

Juno Francis, who we featured last year with their debut single, “Dance With Me“, are back with their first full length EP, “Oyster Love”. Jacob Fagerstål and Angelica Ranåsen forge a eclectic mix of psychedelic pop with a 60’s twist and an 80’s synth tweek. “Oyster Love” comes off the back of their standalone singles, “Queen’s Anthem” and “So High” and offers four brand new compositions to delicately enhance your listening features as well as your mind.

“Oyster Love” begins with the very 60’s trippy “Follow The Stars” as Juno Francis introduce you to themselves and their roles, one the Queen of diamonds, the other, the jack of hearts. Some strange and glittering synths pervade the second half of the song as the music consumes the vocals. The title track of the EP has a much more jovial appeal to it as well as a catchy soundtrack that never offends or outstays its welcome.

“Fight” continues the infuriating beat and words that bury themselves deep in your consciousness. This is very addictive and not because you necessarily want to, but captures you unaware. The fourth and final track, “I Wanna Run Away”, is simply stunning, fast moving early 80’s electro-pop meets mid-80’s synthwave to carry you off into the distance with assured confidence.

Here are four new, completely brilliant compositions from Juno Francis to entice you yet deeper into their world. And what a world to be invited in to. Juno Francis are building a solid following with their previous three songs and now four all at once to keep their fans satisfield but , more importanly, capture new and inviting prospectives to sample their very delectable sounds. Come in…

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