EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘Back Home’ – England World Cup Squad “70”

What was the number one song in the UK on 16th May 1970?

The lads from the England FA World Cup team got to number one with Back Home for 3 weeks.

England were the reigning world champions when they recorded this World Cup squad song (having won way back in 1966- I’m not sure if you’ve heard mention of them winning the world cup once). Back Home is actually the first England World Cup song recorded and it kickstarted the tradition of the England team recording a song for every world cup they enter. It is one of four England team songs that have reached number one (you’ll hear about the rest later). It was also used as the theme tune for Baddiel and Skinner’s Fantasy Football Team TV programme. As far as football team songs go, Back Home is pretty perfect. The vocals sound like fans in the terrace and it has an incredibly catchy, down-your-pints-lads tune.


Back home they’ll be thinking about us
When we are far away
Back home they’ll be really behind us
In every game we play
They’ll share every goal we are scoring
Out there we will still hear them roaring
And we’ll give all we’ve got to give
For the folks back home

Back home they’ll be watching and waiting
And cheering every move
Back home though they think we’re the greatest
That’s what we’ve got to prove
Once more we will meet with the best
Like before we’ll be put to the test
Oh we will give all we’ve got to give
For the folks back home

They’ll see as they’re watching and praying
That we put our hearts in our playing
We’ll fight until the whistle goes
For the folks back home

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