Elin Bellander

FRESH: ‘Good On My Own’ – Elin Bellander

Elin Bellander says she’s “Good On My Own”

Swedish singer/songwriter Elin Bellander has just released her new single, “Good On My Own”, an amazing electro-pop song with 80’s vibes while remaining contemporary and with a wicked hook to it. “Good On My Own” was created with NYC artist/songwriter/producer Skyle Cocco in New York, with Elin writing the melodies and lyrics in her Stockholm bedroom.

“Good On My Own” is Elin’s first release of 2020 and follows her first two singles, “Overdue” and “Pretend”, both in 2019 and is about self love and fully embracing your independence, essentially being your own best friend (as cheesy as that may sound). Elin tells us: “After getting out of a long term and super co-dependent relationship, I found myself in the midst of all this new found freedom and self discovery which inspired the concept of the song”.

“Good On My Own” was written and produced with many thousands of miles separating Elin and Skyle but the fact that they both connected with a complete stranger on the other side of the Atlantic and made the song during the current state of the world was “super cool” says Elin. “We managed to find a vibe as creatives even though we’ve never met in person, and this was all done through social media. Exciting to know that you can create connections and make magic even though the world is going throughtrying times right now”.

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