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FRESH: ‘Blood Jump’ – Luke James Williams

Luke James Williams releases “Blood Jump”

“I start to taste colours”

British singer/songwriter Luke James Williams releases his brand new single, “Blood Jump”, today, the follow up to “This Says”, a gorgeous offbeat folk-pop song about love being transported to technicolour other-worlds in different dimensions. Blending guitars and the bare minimum of percussion, Luke delivers a heartfelt and passionate track that pretty much says it all about being with that special someone and Luke delivers this with understated brilliance.

“I start to see sound”

“Blood Jump” was recorded at Unit Studios in Hertfordshire UK, it was mixed by Alex Bush and mastered by Greg Calbi and represents only his second release of 2020. Luke made his debut in 2018 with the EP “Drove” and followed this with “Still In Bed” in 2019. Luke has supported the likes of Megson, Mark Chadwick (The Levellers) and The Little Unsaid on stage and in hos own words describes himself as “painting pictures with words and singing them in his own distinctly English voice”.

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