The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara

FRESH: ‘Mata Hari’ – The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara

The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara remember “Mata Hari”

You will never meet another band with a name or the sound of The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara! Andrea Papi and Daphne Ang formed the duo in 2019 and have so far released three singles this year. Their fourth, “Mata Hari” – an exotic dancer who was born Margaretha Geertruida MacLeod in 1876 – is their latest and is out today. “Mata Hari” reimagines the sound of the 1980’s in the year 2080, thickly layered with synths and electro beats there are echoes of Depeche Mode as well a a splash or Moroder.

The Chronicles Of Manimal And Samara say “‘Mata Hari’ is told through the eyes of an artist, who creates a painting as a declaration of love and as a testament to the intensity of emotions and feelings (for another) when words and action were inadequate”. “Mata Hari” is the most diversive and experimentalist work of the pair to date as they continue to forge a unique position for themselves in the music industry. Based in London, Andrea and Daphne are inspired by the musical innovations of Kraftwerk and TOOL and the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf and Jim Morrison.

The duo released their debut single, “Atoms” earlier this year and followed that with the daring “Psychopath’s Monologue”, at a whopping nine and a half minutes long! “Mata Hari” doesn’t extend that long but will form part of their debut album, “Full Spectrum”, which is due out very soon and promises to be a work of art in itself.

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