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REVIEW: ‘Slow Poison’ (EP) – Lori Triplett

Lori Triplett – “Slow Poison” EP

Ohio based singer and songwriter Lori Triplett releases her new EP, “Slow Poison”, today, which is produced by Chad Carouthers and features six new compositions including the lead single, “Same Pain”, that was released this Summer. Inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Bridgers, Ingrid Michealson, Paul Williams and Patty Griffin, Lori performs country-folk-pop that showcases her talent as a songwriter and as a vocalist of her own unique standing.

“Slow Poison” kicks off with the chilling “Out The Back Door” with its haunting electric guitar chords and moody vocalisations this is simply sublime. That extends to the slighty more upbeat “Same Pain”, which launched this EP a few months ago. Lori’s understated vocals set against the lush production carry you off and away into the yonder, you can almost feel the Tennessee winds swirling around you and the Nashville sky filled with soft voices and guitar strings.

The title track, “Slow Poison”, is just acoustic beauty. It doesn’t need to be anything else. Tender and heavenly, it drips ‘slow poison’ into your ears without invitation or inconvenience. “If My Name Were New York” begs for your attention. It’s difficult to highlight a standout track on this EP, but this song just beats its slight heart and pumps beautiful sounds around every vein with Lori’s gorgeous, breathy voice over the feather-soft soundtrack. “Things I’ll Never Be” adds some superb rock guitars to the ingredients, which has shades of Amy Grant about it’s opening.

Lori begins to open up and display a a potentially powerful voive deep in there yet always keeps this in check and never allows herself to out do the music. Love the rocking middle-eight of this song and the drama of the final act. All too soon we reach the final song, “Right Where You’re Supposed To Be”, which offers more ‘ghostly’ voices and serene moods as it plays out to the never end. Lori presents a beautiful collection of innocent harmonies with little effort but a lot of heart and honesty. I hope, one day soon, we are blessed with a full album…(!)

For more about Lori, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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