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FRESH: ‘Never’ – Steve Michels and Foreign Figures

Steve Michels and Foreign Figures say “Never”

Steve Michels is lead singer of the band Foreign Figures, who release their 80’s enthused drive anthem, “Never”, today, a twisted love song about wanting to be with someone so bad, it hurts, yet, you can never be with them. “Never” has an awesome hook with a cool Summery vibe and power vocals that carry the songs message away to whom ever it’s targeted at.

Steve Michels, EJ Michels, Seth78 and JonnyT formed Foreign Figures in 2018 and released their debut EP, “Overzealous” later that same year. Foreign Figures are a group of four artists who create and perform together and met while living abroad in foreign countries around the world. Based in Salt Lake City, the group gives you four completely different styles of music and four unique worlds to discover. Taking their local scene quickly by storm, 2020 sees each of the band members hit the studio to create their next wave of music.

Their music has influences spread far and deep across the whole of music, whether it be pop, dance, rock, R&B and takes in artists like Muse, Billie Eilish, Justin Timberlake, Lauv, Sam Smith, Coldplay and many more. The band record and produce all their music together in their privately owned studio in Orem, UT, while Steve himself describes “Never” as “Celebrity crush, secret obsession, forbidden love? ‘Never’ is yours”. Take it!

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