FRESH: ‘Break It Later’ – Trafton

Trafton returns with “Break It Later”

New York based artist Trafton releases his new single, “Break It Later” today, his first new music of 2020 since last year’s “Gone”. “Break It Later” is a striking atmospheric R&B number with the faintest beat and whisper-quiet synths that highlight Trafton’s slight and almost angelic vocals. This is very different to anything Trafton has offered up before!

Trafton says of “Break It Later”: “I am very excited to share ‘Break It Later’ as my first release of what feels like a new chapter, one in which I feel more free to experiment through music and lyrics. The project was created during this strange reality of quarantine and solitude, but I didn’t necessarily want it to reflect all the negative feelings this year has brought. So the song is a little less serious than some of my previous work, maybe even a little fun, and I get to showcase another side of myself as a songwriter through it. I like to call the vibesexy-sad”.

Trafton turned up in 2018 with his debut single, “Home” and continued to churn out single after single, culminating with his EP, “Ice Boy”, in 2019, which has accumulated over a million spotify hits. Now shorn of his long hair and with stripped back production to fit, Trafton returns in 2020 with a tale of virtual love turned real and how to bring it to a close, when you want to…or, “Break It Later”.

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