FRESH: ‘Lemme know’ – lydia singer

Lydia Singer Rises Out Of New Music Friday With ‘Lemme Know’

Top 10 club chart-topper Lydia Singer is back, and she sticks out like a sore thumb, but for all the right reasons!

Her latest track ‘Lemme Know’ brings a flavour which we need more of in commercial pop. It comes with a bite, and her spicy delivery is inspiring. Furthermore, it all kicks off with a gentle overture which sounds similar to a lot of the summer hits which have been gracing the airwaves in recent months.

From the opener, Lydia proves that she is a force. Furthermore, at just 18 years of age, she sounds as though she has decades of experience already under her belt. For me, she sounds just as good if not better than Ariana Grande, yes it is a bold statement to make given how incredible Ariana is, but Lydia shines equally as bright, and it would not surprise me to see her rival Grande in the months to come.

Musically, ‘Lemme Know’ has plenty of talking points. Moreover, it does not come in the typical injunction which you may come to expect from a fresh pop artist. As a result, new sounds spring out all over the place which I relish, and it carries a rhythm which is unconventional given that it boasts an array of sounds all playing at once. But, it does not sound messy, which on paper may say the opposite.

Overall, ‘Lemme Know is a real breadwinner. It has a texture which is hard to fault, and the delivery from Lydia is angelic. She sings with confidence and still at a ripe age; she is only going to get better and better.

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