Paul Simon Meets Arcade Fire

Bedroom Folk Rock

Jeff Noller has been the creative force behind the band Skittish for over 10 years. Sprung from the lake country of Minnesota in 2007, Skittish has earned critical acclaim for the Paul Simon meets Arcade Fire blend of bedroom folk-rock.

Choosing the name Skittish was a nod to the kinship and calm Noller has found around animals, and less so around people. Other musicians seem to be the exception to that preference, because although he writes and records on his own, many talented Midwest musicians have joined Noller in the Skittish lineup over the years.

Skittish released their 7th studio album on September 18th, 2020. It’s called ‘Savannah Sessions’ and you should take a listen right now – you won’t be disappointed!

The video for their first single, Car Crash Companion, is out now.

The artists on past Skittish records have made me sound way better than I actually am. I don’t know where I’d be without them making me look good.

Jeff Noller, Skittish

Jeff – tell us the story behind Car Crash Companion…

Skittish recently told us more about the story behind their music.

We love hearing the background to the songs we include on our playlists from the artist’s perspective.

Have a listen to the ‘Playlist Story‘ from Skittish and if you would like to know more about other artist’s stories then you can watch them here.

I made the video for ‘Car Crash Companion’ alone, in quarantine, so everyone in it is played by me. 100’s of hours of editing later, and I have this strange, Being-John-Malkovitch-esque video.

Jeff Noller, Skittish

When looking at the songs on Savannah Sessions, a lot of ground is covered.

‘The Hole’ is a confessional exploration of the idea of a God Hole, eventually concluding that it can be better to live for someone other than yourself.

The rocky relationship ride of ‘Car Crash Companion’ gives way to the dark southern gothic of ‘Before the Devil Knows.’

‘Hello Deadly’ recounts the real life story of a New Orleans serial killer that spared those who played jazz at night, while ‘Beautiful in Black’ is an a cappella tribute to an anxious loved one.

Looking back at the last decade, Noller remarks, “Its hard not to get sentimental. The support for Skittish albums has given me the independence and creative outlet I love so much. Everyday I’m thankful for the people that like what I do. Hopefully the music makes them feel less-alone, because their connection certainly has done that for me.”

For those that are unsure of their place in this world, there will always be Skittish to keep you company.


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