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REVIEW: ‘Aura’ EP – Dani Kristina

Dani Kristina – “Aura” EP

Canadian singer Dani Kristina has just release her debut EP, “Aura”, a five track collection that has been created with Grammy-nominated producer Trevor James Anderson and recorded in Toronto. Dani says of the EP: “This release really encompasses the various influences at play when I’m writing, or even just existing. I’ve never been able to box myself into just one category, and I think that by listening to ‘Aura’ that becomes really evident. This project has kind of been a journey of me finding out who I am as an artist, and it explores a lot of inner conflicts that I’ve experienced throughout my writing and recording process. I really hope that this release reaches some people who have felt the same things as me, and I hope they fall in love with some of the complex emotions I explore throughout”.

“Aura” begins with “Deceived”, a dreamy mid-tempo number with elements of Country-pop in which Dani discusses entering into a new relationship only to find that all is not what it seems but if that’s how it has to be, then sometimes it’s best to be ‘deceived’. “Drift Away” keeps the theme and the pace going along with Dani’s underplayed vocal set against a slight-rock, pop backing track that I love so much, especially over the chorus and the close of the song. “Burning Parachute” ramps up the country/rock tone with a burst of refershing energy in this EP as she deals with the aforementioned ‘person’ who has just left her “falling through the sky with a burning parachute”. Bad choice! I love songs with quirky titles. Kate Bush’s “Mrs. Bartolozzi” dealt with her washing exploits and now Dani airs her dirty clothing in full view on “Laundry Day”! And what a perfect day to pick a fight. On “Laundry Day”! Short, quick and simple is the order of the day and nothing more or less is expected or necessary.

Sadly EP’s don’t last long and all too soon we arrive at the final track, “You Don’t Get To Choose”, more Country vibes and dramatic sounds as Dani sets out the way ahead and takes control. She’s on top and has had enough, now she’s calling the shots as “you don’t get to choose anymore”. “Aura” tells a story of love from beginning to end, the highs and the lows and everything in between and Dani relays that perfectly with this collection of five very similar but different songs with spot on production and a wonderful introduction to her talent as a songwriter, a story teller and as a singer. There is a voice in there, I feel somehow, that we’ve yet hear properly, so I’m hoping Dani will prove herself to me on future releases. But for now, “Aura” acts as an open doorway to the very special talent of Dani Kristina. Hear it, feel it, love it.

For more about Dani, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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