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FRESH: ‘Sit Back Player’ – Cable TV

Cable TV rewinds his “Sit Back Player”

Cable TV is the moniker of James Yuill, who debuted earlier in 2020 with “Mr Obvious”. Now James brings us his second single, “Sit Back Player”, with a quite outstanding and ‘revealing’ video! Cable TV is a one man electro-synth artist who writes and produces all of his own work and if “Sit Back Player” is anything to go by, it will certainly catch both your eyes and your ears at the same time! Lyrically, the song deals with macho stereotypes and the embarrassingly dated lad culture. The video was designed by James himself, being self taught on the art of 3D animation software.

James says of the video: “It was a laborious process because after importing the 3D male model. I then had to give him a skeleton and assign weight to each bone so that it would move a particular part of the body when animated. Getting the penis to swing correctly took quite a while. I used, what is called in Blender, a ‘wiggle’ bone. This is a bone that has real physics behind its movement. So in matter of fact, I didn’t have to animate the penis, I just had to move the body in the right way, so that real world physics would rotate the penis for me. A by-product of this wiggle bone is that it gave the penis a bit of a stretch. I never meant for it to be quite so big!”.

See what you think…

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