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FRESH: ‘We Fall’ – Alanna Vullo

Alanna Vullo releases “We Fall”

17 year old Australian singer Alanna Vullo has just released her second single, “We Fall” following on from her debut last year, “Breathless”, and it’s another gorgeous slice of R&B-dream-pop with beautiful synths that cascade all over this song from beginning to end. Alanna’s innocent and beautiful vocals are a highlight, they sweep you up with every moment that this song extends and you can’t help but ‘fall’ for both the song and Alanna’s performance.

Alanna says of the song: “’We Fall’ is about fate, destiny and timing which can ultimately make or break something special. You know,that feeling when things happen too quickly or not quickly enough, and you feel like you’ve just stepped into a chaotic waterfall of your own thoughts. Whether that is a relationship or something else is up to the listener to decide”.

It’s not surprising that Alanna claims she’s no longer the same person who wrote “Breathless” as a 15 year old. “I feel that the process of making music, as well as being lucky enough to have a producer I admire as a mentor, has given me the confidence to discover who I want to be and how I want my music to evolve”. “We Fall” is produced by ARIA winning producer Adrian Breakspear and was co-written with Adrian and Justine Eltakchi. Be sure that Alanna Vullo has only just started!

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