FRESH: ‘Mess’ – The Super Late Night

The Super Late Night is in a “Mess”!

The Super Late Night sounds American, sounds 80’s, sounds like a group, but only one of those statements is true. The solo performer, whose real name remains a mystery, is from Manchester, England, but his new, 80’s sounding single, “Mess”, is one not to miss! Blending pure-pop with synths and a liberal measure of rock guitars, punk and hi-energy drive-wave tones, this is one for all the bratpack, breakfast club crew to remember those old days but with a 2020 sound.

“Mess” is The Super Late Night’s fourth release of the year, following his debut, “Honey”, which has seen his create a very powerful standing for himself already within the music industry and with “Mess”, I am sure this will extend to the furthest shores on both sides of the Atlantic. The retrowave theme of previous recordings “If Not Now, Then When?” and “Falling Asleep” continues with “Mess” as The Super Late Night clearly defines his musical genre and his interpretation of a decade he never experienced.

The Super Late Night says of “Mess”: “I tried to be careful not to come across like too much of a victim when I was writing this, the song is clearly about the aftermath of a messy relationship, and though at the time I was frustrated and sad, as the song developed it felt more like an anthem of empowerment than a ‘woe, is me’ tune.It’s more about addressing the situation and moving forwards than it is about feeling sad, but I still wanted the arrangement to feel somewhat ‘Messy’ hence the tempo changes and dirty guitars”.

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