Lena Rich

FRESH: ‘Constellations’ – Lena Rich

Lena Rich sees “Constellations”

Singer and songwriter Lena Rich releases her brand new single “Constellations” today, her second of 2020 and the follow up to “Dream Song”, a very folk infused tune full of atmosphere and deep musical tones which draws on her love of her own musical heroes, names that include Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. “Constellations” tells the story of the anger of feeling unheard, be it in a relationship or otherwise with clear and piercing lyrics set against a stripped back instrument accompaniment soundtrack.

Lena recorded her debut EP “Slow Motion” in Portland in 2015, releasing two singles in 2017, “Underground” and “Something In Between”. Now back and armed with a new body of work, the 21 year old has played live acorss many venues, supporting bands and artists as well as being on stage herself at various festivals. Lena says: “I love the feeling of playing my songs for an audience, I never know when or why a particular arrangement of chords and lyrics resonates with someone, but when it does, I feel the connection and that feeling is what keeps me writing and playing music”.

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