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FRESH: ‘Spirit Level’ – Ocean Flaws

Ocean Flaws have a “Spirit Level”!

British band Ocean Flaws release their new single, “Spirit Level”, today their second ever release following this year’s earlier debut with “Deep Sea Dreaming”. Ocean Flaws are a dreampop-indie four piece consisting of Callum Quirk (vocals and bass), Hamish Monk and Sean Heaney (guitars), and Alex Pattle (percussion) and released “Deep Sea Dreaming” in February of 2020.

“Spirit Level” has a catchy feel to it and an instant singalong factor as you quickly pick up the lyrics of the chorus and join in at the end of the song with the first listen. Synths, harpsichords and guitars layer the smooth soundtrack of this 90’s Britpop sounding anthem. Ocean Flaws add the history of how this song happened: “Nearly neutered by COVID-19, ‘Spirit Level’ was recorded at Liverpool’s indie mecca, Sugar House which was actually cut short by Boris Johnson’s sobering announcement on 23rd March 2020, which, for the first time, put the entire country on strict lockdown”.

“From midnight that evening, we reluctantly began a sombre procession back to Essex, and left the skeleton of ‘Spirit Level’ in a locker in Liverpool, not knowing when we’d return to raise it from the dead. Like Dr. Frankenstein, we eagerly rushed back to the lab as soon as we were allowed, and injected life into ‘Spirit Level’ with some haunting lyrics and whirring 80s electronics. Against all odds, the song was finally complete, and soon after, the Cronenberg-esque music video was shot”. See what you think for yourself…and enjoy Ocean Flaws!

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