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FRESH: ‘Just A Little Bit’ – Shards Of Leo

Shards Of Leo wants “Just A Little Bit”

UK artist Louis Forsyth aka Shards Of Leo has just released his second single, “Just A Little Bit”, recorded, mixed and produced all from his student bedroom. “Just A Little Bit” is a quirky start-stop track with a number of different ‘rooms’ to it that each tell a different story, as Louis tells us: “This song is an attempt to talk about mental health in a much more positive way than I have before. It is more optimistic, trying to focus on the more positive sides of life, and promote a more optimistic outlook. Some of the lyrics are, however, deliberately ambiguous, in the hope that the people who listen to it can put their own meaning into it”.

Shards Of Leo debuted earlier this year with the single “Urgent” after deciding to go solo, having been a lead guitarist in a band and playing live at festivals across England. He says he takes influence from the likes of Fujiya & Miyagi, X Ambassadors, AJR, and some Billie Eilish, from which “Just A Little Bit” takes it cue and adds a danceable chorus and a wicked bridge.

Louis tells us how the bridge came to happen: “When recording the bridge section of the song, I just couldn’t get the sound I was looking for using ‘normal’ production techniques,so I decided to get a little more creative. I created the beat on Logic, and then recorded that playing through my speakers. I sangalong while recording that, and then played this phone recording through my microphone. This is a slightly ridiculous way toproduce music, but I felt that it gave a certain ‘rawness’, which I was having trouble creating any other way”.

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