Temperature Falls

REVIEW: ‘I Want To Go Where You Go’ – Temperature Falls

Temperature Falls – “I Want To Go Where You Go”

Norwegian duo Temperature Falls have just released their second studio album, “I Want To Go Where You Go””, the follow up to their self-titled debut and, having previously featured the single “Cut The Wire”, we were thrilled when the full album landed with us and wanted to share it with you all! “I Want To Go Where You Go” runs to nine tracks all of which showcase their self-produced collection of synth-pop/alt-pop numbers, set against the backdrop of lead singer Camilla’s sometimes haunting yet crystal clear voice. Having already released a number of tracks from the album, Temperature Falls now combine them in one place and with the remainder of their recently written and crafted tunes and we begin with the colossus that is “Cut The Wire“.

“Cut The Wire” shoots in with its deep, brooding beat and sublime vocals and a heavily backing vocaled chorus. The song continuously ignites from start to finish and will prepare you for the electro-rock anthem “Don’t Think I’m Shallow” that follows with its robotic and monotone chorus right to its abrupt ending. The Japanese sounding “Maybe” is kooky and understated, it drifts in and remains as if you could almost miss it completely, but it’s advised not to! “1-2-3” goes deeper into electro-synthwave and sounds very retro, almost like a Depeche Mode track of the early 1990’s. More brooding and dark rhythms next with the evocative yet strange “Zuzu’s Petals”. There is a definate Far Eastern influence of this album and it manifests itself again and again. An observation but it could be deliberate.

“Fly” pulls us back to normality, this is a must-hear on the album not least for Camilla’s sweeping and atmospheric vocals set against a restrained synth beat and if you shut your eyes, you really will feel like you’re flying. From flight to the ocean and “Waves” as you fight your way “running through the waves”. This is more ‘pop art’, designer pop that is again sublime and brings back memories of Madonna’s “Ray Of Light” album. The Japanese sounds return for “Free” as Camilla’s voice is hidden against a backdrop of tin bells and heavy synth pulses. It echoes, fades and returns holding you tight to the harmony and the slight trip beat of the soundtrack. This pace and mood seeps into “Solace”, the last track, which opens wholesomely into each chorus with a superb down-tempo dance song, while Camilla’s vocals fade in and out until they are carried completely away.

“I Want To Go Where You Go” is a gorgeous and sophisticated collection of well painted and sumptuously framed pieces that are well placed and bonded together to let you just sit back and fall into each and every one of them. There are defined influences with this album and they don’t feel out of place as they transport you to a world and a time that have no relevance to the now. And this is what we all need right now. So come with me and Temperature Falls and, escape…

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