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FRESH: ‘Keep Me (At A Distance)’ – Lost Club

Lost Club say “Keep Me (At A Distance)”

Singer, songwriter and musician Nick Garcia aka Lost Club, has just released his debut EP, “Phantasmagoria”, which features the track “Keep Me (At A Distance)” along with his previously released tracks, “Easy Love” and “Breakfast Club”. Hailing from Jacksonville, Nick performing and wrote in multiple bands in his hometown but decided he wanted to go it alone as a desire of self-expression, thus, Lost Club was born.

“Keep Me (At A Distance)” is an indie-synth chill anthem that sounds very early 90’s with British indie band influences of the time with its semi-distant vocals, instead leaning on the music and the instrumentation to do the talking. The “Phantasmagoria” EP was recorded in Garcia’s home studio and produced at Rockbot Studio by Josh Cobb in Jacksonville. Nick says the message of the tracks is longing.

“Whether for a particular place, time, or person, the attitude is familiar to anyone withany sort of life experience. ‘Easy Love’ focuses on the desire for a person and settling instead for what’s available. ‘Breakfast Club’ is an ode to nostalgia and the longing for a time and place that’s passed and doesn’t exist anymore” Nick adds. Lost Club is influenced by Noah And Thew Whale, The Strokes and The Vaccines to name a few bands although there are 80’s themes and references built in.

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