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ELKAE has a “Signal”

Irish singer and songwriter ELKAE has released her brand new tune, “Signal”, her second of 2020 and the follow up to “Cause I Was Busy Working”. “Signal” is a soulful electro-pop number with a hint of funk and a little bit of jazz too, blended with ELKAE’s dominating and completely awesome vocal. ELKAE (real name Laura Keane) is Dublin based and made her debut in 2018 with “Sold”. SInce then, she has been steady to come forward with new material, building a distinguished collection of solid and refined anthems.

ELKAE says of “Signal”: “Last year, a friend of mine found herself tangled in a forbidden love triangle and I became her confidant. It turns out, she’d fallen in love with a girl who was in a long-term relationship and to complicate matters further, the girl had also fallen in love with her. Now, my friend’s love interest in question said she planned on leaving her partner for my friend, but in actual fact, began backing out , struggling to bite the bullet. What was intended to be a clean cut and the beginning of a new honest relationship, turned into an affair that lasted months. This girl was coming to terms with the reality of starting over with someone new and hurting her current girlfriend”.

She continues: “My friend sympathised with how hard it was for the girl to leave her partner but began to grow frustrated, morally conflicted and suspicious of her intentions as time went on. I wrote ‘Signal’ from my friend’s point of view. This is the first song I wrote that didn’t result directly from my own personal experiences. I took a metaphor and wrote about an astronaut who fell in love with a beautiful alien on another planet, who is torn between her long term lover home on earth and this mesmerising extraterrestrial alien. The song is written from an aliens POV as she grows impatient waiting on her astronaut to leave her lover”.

“Signal” is another example of ELKAE’s passion for creating funky old-school grooves with new, exciting electronic and sometimes disco infused production, polished off with her powerful and soulful voice to create a high energy performance.

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