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FRESH: ‘Lou Lou’ – Joe & The Anchor

Joe & The Anchor release “Lou Lou”

Swedish band Joe & The Anchor have just released their gorgeous new single, “Lou Lou”, half piano ballad, half sweeping, down-tempo pop song with tender vocals and an emotional hook. “Lou Lou” song explores lost love and the complicated feelings that emerge with it. The band tell us: “’Lou Lou’ alludes to a charming obsession that sometimes arises after an intense but short-lived love affair has ended. The feeling of not having had the chance to fully explore what could have been”.

Joakim Rosenlund, Viktor Edsjö, Robin Zhang and Ruben Sonesson have been recording since 2014 but having originally started as an indie rock band, took a dramatic change of direction in 2018 as a pop band with R&B influences with “Lou Lou” their third release of 2020, coming after the funky “Get The Vibe” and the OneRepublic sounding “So Bad”. All three will feature on the groups upcoming EP, “Blue”, their first collection of new songs since their ‘debut’ album, “Antidote”, was released last year.

Joe & The Anchor have become a strong live band having experience different stage audiences with both brands of musical direction they have so far delivered. These attributes have resulted in the group acquiring a growing and dedicated fan base, who call themselves ‘Sailors’ (there are even those who have even gone so far as tattooing Joe & The Anchor`s symbol!). With strong lyrics and a stripped modern production that despite the theme gives a hopeful feeling, Joe & The Anchor deliver their most accomplished song to date with “Lou Lou”.

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