FRESH: ‘Pressing Matters’ – Einsam

Einsam debuts with “Pressing Matters”

Bristol born producer and songwriter ‘Einsam’ has just released his debut single “Pressing Matters”. Now based in Vienna, Einsam (meaning solitary in German) embarks on a solo career. “Pressing Matters” is about the importance of touch and pressure and feels apt for a time when we can’t get close. The song is very retro in sound, particularly for early 80’s fans.

“Pressing Matters” was produced with Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett and the song features the backing vocals of Sophie Galpin. Einsam (Sam is his real first name) is influenced by Talk Talk, Massive Attack and David Byrne to name a few but there’s a bit of Depeche Mode in there too, “Pressing Matters” feels like a ‘Mode’ song of the early 90’s but is well executed and very easy to listen to and get into. We wish you well, Einsam.

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