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FRESH: ‘Starve’ – Alex Lleo

Alex Lleo releases “Starve”

Worcestershire, UK based singer Alex Lleo has just released his gorgeous new single, “Starve”, his third new song of 2020, which evokes themes of dream chasing wanderlust, endless Summers and a quiet confidence for much needed change. Alex went to Brooklyn, NY last year for a tour and it was here he found inspiration to write new music for himself and beginning with “4:05” earlier this year, Alex has blessed us with the fruits of this roadtrip.

Alex says of this journey: “It’s crazy how a random Instahashtag set the groundwork for this new project. After a busy 18 months, I became pretty drained in terms of creativity. Right around that time, I received a message from another Artist out in Brooklyn. Quinn (Devlin) explained that he’d caught my live performance of ‘Calibrate’ on a Sofar session I’d done earlier in the summer. He told me about Dodge 112, a studio his friends had set up in downtown Brooklyn. He said if I could ever find a way out there, they’d be happy to help me out. We continued to flesh out more arrangements over email, and I was introduced to the Studio chief & producer Sahil Ansari”.

Alex continues: “Over the summer we kept a dialog going, forwarding more ideas & thinking about arrangements. By the time September came around, I’d gigged enough shows to get myself out there. Five weeks and fifty sofas later, I feel we captured the honest sound I was so desperate for. It’s been such an inspiration to be involved with so many talented people surrounding Dodge and the BK scene. Having horn players like Willem De Koch from Fleet Foxes play on the record, just highlights the respect these guys have generated as musicians, and it’s infectious!I couldn’t be more excited for what these sounds have to offer. It’s as if everyone involved could see straight into my minds eye!”.

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