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FRESH: ‘What A Waste’ – The XO

The XO release “What A Waste”

US band The XO made their debut back in 2017 with “DWYWU” but in 2020 have made a concerted effort to get their name and their music out there. They’ve just released their second track of 2020, “What A Waste”, the follow up to “November”, an electro-rock-pop anthem with ‘digitally enhanced’ vocals and a catchy hook from beginning to end. The song has been a work in progress for three years and was recorded at Wax Studio with Geoff Rockwell.

The XO are Jake Harris – singer and main songwriter, Andre Casares – bass and Tanner and Vaughn Stephen – guitar, with both additionally adding into the creative process. The4 boys have all played in separate bands together where in their last group they realised all three shared tyhe same outlook and music bled off from that. “November” and “What A Waste” are the first of a number of singles to land in the coming months while ensuring their music meets their “quality standards” fo their fanbase.

The XO tell us of “What A Waste”: “We really want to find our sound with this track. It bridges from a modern rock pop band mixed in with dark emo rap. While both styles are incredibly popular, it was incredibly difficult to find the perfect blend of the two”. The group acknowledge their influences come from ther likes of Joywave, Gorillaz, Twenty One Pilots and Sir Sly. So beware all those mentioned, The XO are on their way and with the kiss-ass “What A Waste” to showcase, it won’t be long before…!

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