Tanya George

REVIEW: ‘Normality’ (EP) – Tanya George

Tanya George – “Normality” EP

Australian singer Tanya George has just released her new EP, “Normality”, which kicks off with a demonstration of her amazing vocal ability both high, low and sock-it-to-em power. “Normality” opens with “Voice”, which is just that and it leads us into the first song proper, “Writing Machine”, a sumptuous number with very little musical accompaniment, just relying on layered vocals and harmonies. This is already coming through as a very polished and stylalised piece of work from the Melbourne based singer.

Tanya says of “Normality”: “I hope the messages and theme of this EP resonates with my listeners, and maybe even inspires some level of unity. I wanted to challenge the normality of music but blend it with familiarity. There are topics which worry me, lyrics which drive me and harmony ideas which surprise me. I wanted to create entirely different music and push my musicianship and my ability as a vocalist”.

The title track follows suit, again replying on lots of “umm ahh”‘s for the soundtrack as Tanya looks forward to a time when she can experience ‘normality’ with you, or me… Tanya wants to find a place to be next and that place is the “Woodland”, where she should be. One thing you quickly realise is that Tanya relies on repeating her message over and over in each song, just so you understand her position and her place. There’s another ‘interlude’ next, this one is called “Thoughts And Fears” and in it Tanya opens up to her own thoughts and fears, including social media. It’s spoken, not sung, just to make you listen.

“My Hymn” is the longest treack on the EP and opens with hauntingly deep vocals as Tanya confesses her hymn that she writes for you, an end to the fighting and the suffering, all she wants to do is rest and settle down to…well my guess is some ‘normality’. And so the EP comes full circle with its story told and also full circle as we end with that awesomely high note which began this odyssey. For anyone that has not encountered Tanya’s music before, this is something very different and instantly captivating. If you love R&B with a lot of soul and a tinge of gospel then this is for you. Pop it is not, but it is striking and very addictive. Have a listen…

For more about Tanya, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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