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Alabama Weather taste “Honey”

Husband and wife duo – Miika and Mary Weimann – Alabama Weather have just released their new single “Honey”, a glorious 80’s anthem that comes straight out of 1987! The song tells the story of a guy and a girl, the guy is crushing on the girl but is scared to tell her his feelings because he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship, while the girl knows the guy likes him and is growing impatient.

Miika and Mary say of the song: “we love the way pop music and synths sounded in the 80’s. We wanted to capture that vibe and sound, but create something new and put our own twist on that sound. We think most people have been in a situation similar to this at some point. It’s a pretty relatable human experience that we thought we could turn into a fun song!”. The pair have been writing songs for nearly 15 years but only started recording recently and since the beginning of 2020 how already released four tracks, “Honey” being the fifth.

“Honey” is a departure for the pair, their previous releases, “Beach Dreams” and the Erasure-beginning “Blinded” are very heavy modern electro-synth songs while “Yellowhammer State”, their debut single, is a more sombre affair with Blues and Country influences showing. Unsurprisingly, the pair come from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and say they are influenced by the likes of Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Angels & Airwaves, Zedd and Calvin Harris to name a few. If there’s 15 years of songs out there, we have a lot more to come from this ‘forever’ pair!

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