FRESH: ‘Need You To Want Me’ – Polydrive

Polydrive “Need You To Want Me”

Brothers Cam and Cole from Manchester, US formed Polydrive in 2018 and grew up writing and performing together. Their new single, the sublime “Need You To Want Me”, is out today and follows on from their earlier 2020 tune, “Moonlight Vertigo”. “Need You To Want Me” is contructed with a simple guitar hook set against a minimalistic indie-pop soundtrack and honest and often innocent vocals.

Polydrive recorded “Need You To Want Me” in their bedroom and really did everything independently. The boys tell us “We wanted to write a positive track amidst a pretty down year. ‘Need You To Want Me’ is about cherishing a relationship over riches”. Cam and Cole actually debuted in 2018 with a full 12 track album, “Prelude”, before launching a number of singles and an 8 track collection, “The Mixtape”, earlier this year.

Polydrive are adept at 80’s sounding tracks, as demonstrated with the zizzy “By Design” and the 80’s sounding ballad “Lovely” and “Take It All”. “Curly” has a definite retro sound to it, like it steps right out of 1985, while the boys more recent style, including “Need You To Want Me”, takes a more modern, contemporary approach as the brothers experiment themselves with different genres and also their growing potentiality.

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