FRESH: ‘Go On’ (Album) – Luminar

Luminar release their debut album, “Go On”

Guitarist and composer Evert Zeevalkink and singer Sofia Dragt form Luminar. Hailing from Utrecht in The Netherlands, the pair have been releasing song since 2018. Today, they release their debut album, “Go On”, which features a number of previously released tracks, including the beautiful title track. The duos approach to music is one of calming moods and cinematic atmosphere, which Luminar describe as “mostly pensive and reflective”.

The album track “Alter Ego” is about seeing a different version of yourself that you love and trying to get to that person when you can’t seem to feel that way at the time. “Go On”, the second single, is about acceptation and letting go. “It Leads Home” is about trying to communicate with another but being insecure if you’re heading towards the right direction. It has a chill and melancholy vibe. “One Day”, while the acoustic guitar is the main feature in this song, it’s a little more an acoustic vibe than our previous songs yet still airy and dreamy.

“On And On” is an hypnotic repetitive song with some neo-classical vibes and sweet beats while other album highlights include “Still Moving On”, which literqally brings the outside, in while the outside can be truly appreciated with the closing track, “Burning Up The Night”. Sofia’s angelic voice resonates on every song while Evert’s gorgeous production makes you believe that this music has been created by a team of engineers or musicians. And that’s the cleverness of Luminar. They are but two, but so vast and expansive in scope and vision that Luminar are a must hear. Please enjoy.

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